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Focus on our activities 🔎- Episode 1 The sewing workshop

Today, we present our brand of leather products: ESQUIF!

9 years ago, we developed a sewing department within our company.

Alongside the creation of the workshop, the ESQUIF brand was born. The brand has made a name for itself with its emblematic, colorful and durable bags. In fact, the name "ESQUIF" is directly linked to the materials used: canvas from the aeronautics industry. These materials come from the recycling of rolls that can no longer be used for their original purpose, giving our models a long service life and an original look with these color variations.

In addition to colorful canvas products, ESQUIF offers leather goods and small leather goods (cases, card holders, key rings, etc.) made from leather scraps, this time from the automotive industry. These materials were used for interior trim and lining.

We can also handle a wide range of subcontracted sewing, prototyping and leather goods requirements.

So, with ESQUIF, ESOPE continues to deploy its eco-responsibility approach and advocates the reuse rather than waste of raw materials; one of the company's fundamental values. â™»

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