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Focus on our activities 🔎 - Episode 3: Paper recycling 📄

This Monday, March 18, 2024 is "♻️ World Recycling Day ♻️"! ESOPE EA is therefore bringing you a 3rd focus episode, to continue introducing you to our activities.

For this episode, we're going to introduce you to our paper recycling business! 📃

This activity was developed within ESOPE EA in 2008 📆. As in the presentation of our other activities, we are committed to total care and management of your materials.

As far as paper is concerned, we take care of recovering the material on your premises (office paper, colored paper, cardboard, mail, etc.).

The paper is then packaged to facilitate transport to our site in Mornac.

Then, once your waste paper has been collected, our teams recycle it.📑

        🔹First, the papers are sorted and reorganized into six different bins, according to their characteristics of color, material or thickness. This action then facilitates the recycling of the paper so that it can be transformed into a better quality material.

       🔹Once sorted, the material is baled before being sent to a specialist recycled paper mill in France.

In addition to paper recycling, we also digitize confidential and archival documents. 💽

        🔹For this second paper processing activity, we start by retrieving the documents concerned so that we can identify and prepare them before proceeding with their digitization.

🔹Once this has been done, we move on to indexing the document, that is to say, digitally saving and classifying official information so that you can then access your documents more easily.

🔹Finally, our teams finish by reconstituting a physical file and then re-archiving these documents.

Thanks to ESOPE EA, all your papers or documents, will find the processing solution that will be the most suitable. 💡

When you choose our digitization service, we guarantee the confidentiality and traceability of your data. What's more, once your information has been digitized, we'll offer you the option of taking care of the recycling of these documents, if you don't feel the need to keep them in paper format. 🖨️🗑️

If you would like to call on our teams to manage or digitize your paper documents, don't hesitate to leave us a message on this form: 📋or by calling 05 45 91 06 16 📞

And to get your own paper bin, order it now right here! : 🗑️


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