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Focus on our partners: SPMO🍃

Today, ESOPE EA invites you to highlight one of its partners : the company SPMO . 🌱

SPMO is a company created in 2010 by Madame Valérie Sébillaud, specializing in the sale and recycling of PPE (personal protective equipment) in Charente and Charente-Maritime. 👨‍🔧

The little extra ? You benefit from personalized and adapted advice, whatever the size or activity of your company! 💡 SPMO is committed to providing you with quality equipment at competitive prices, while guaranteeing excellent customer service. This company also represents the perfect balance between the importance of protecting people and the environment. 🌿⛑

Therefore, SPMO encourages its clients to adopt sustainable practices and engage their businesses in a circular economy with “ EPI Durable ”.

It is therefore via this initiative “ EPI durable ” that ESOPE EA is committed to the circular economy by combining its various skills (recycling of equipment electrical and electronic equipment, paper recycling and revaluation, or even various sewing work), to that of the SPMO company . 🤝

The objective is to support you and your company in your eco-responsible and environmentally friendly initiatives.

♻ With EPI Durable and ESOPE EA , we find a solution to all your needs ! ♻


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